Teami Clear Quartz Facial Roller

Our clear quartz facial roller is an incredible tool to reduce the appearance of puffiness, and wrinkles while giving yourself a de-stressing massage!

  • This unique crystal is called the "Master Healer" for its powerful healing, positive energy, and relaxing properties! Using this clear quartz facial roller daily can help reduce the appearance of puffy skin, fine lines & ageing, and help contour the face. Give your complexion the love and attention it deserves by massaging with this healing, rejuvenating skin tool.

    Why use a Facial Roller?

    1. Reduces the appearance of ageing & fine lines
    2. Enhances the look of the contour areas
    3. Reduces feeling of puffiness and swelling
    4. Relaxes and calms the complexion
    5. Allows skincare products to penetrate deeper

    How to use your facial roller:

    Apply your favourite moisturiser, serum, or oil to your clean skin, gently roll the tool up, down, and across your skin until all the product is absorbed. We recommend rolling 3-6 times upward on each area of your face! You can also use this tool under your jawline and clavicle area.


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