Teas + Detox

Get remarkable results from the inside out!

All our teas are natural and gentle on the stomach so you can start your day with a tea kickstart that is without that jumpy and jittery feeling often associated with most teas and coffees. Our range includes a nursing tea for all the mamas in our ‘communitea’, a skinny detox tea known as the ‘Teami Skinny Tea Blend’ to help kickstart your day, and our Colon Cleanse Tea Blend to help with digestion and gut protection.

If you like to shake things up each day, we also have detox kits that include multiple tea packs and a tea tumbler, so you can continue to take care of your inner you while on the go.

Did you know that your daily cuppa can hold the key to improved inner health? At Teami, we have a wide selection of natural detox tea blends to suit your taste buds, and address your health needs.

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