Digestion + Bloating

Bust the bloat with these natural remedies.

At Teami, we know what it’s like to have to combat the battle of the bloating belly. It’s for this reason that we have created a wide selection of natural products to aid digestion. Herbal teas have excellent soothing properties that can also support gut health by cleaning out the toxins that enter your body.

If you’re looking for a detox tea, our Teami Skinny Tea Blend contains super ingredients such as Oolong Tea which has been noted to benefit metabolism rates, and Jiaogulan which is an adaptogen with properties that can help balance your body from outside stressors. 

More and more people are noticing the benefit of drinking herbal tea for bloating, which is why we’ve decided to create detox kits that combine our slim tea detox with our superfood blends, and cleansing teas. And for the smoothie lovers out there, our smoothie kit combines superfood greens powder, protein, and collagen powder - we will even give you the blender.

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