Natural Skincare

Pure ingredients, real results. Created with real tea ingredients for every skin type.

At Teami, we know better than anyone that achieving the glowy skin of your dreams means starting on a cellular level. That’s why our range of organic skincare uses clean, all-natural ingredients, to help you feel great both inside and out. 

It all starts with our formula. Our natural skincare range is packed with real tea ingredients to leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished and cleansed. We only use eco-friendly, vegan ingredients, and design unique formulas loaded with antioxidants and superfoods that work well with any skin type. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your skin care routine, we’ve got a cruelty-free, vegan face wash collection to invigorate your skin. Transform your daily application with our best selling hydrating cleanser. Support a nourished, balanced skin tone with our celebrated vitamin C oilfor face use.
Ready to have the skin you've always dreamt of? Check out our powerful natural skin care products to find your skin’s newest best friend. 

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