Wellness Supplements

Invest in your health with our range of natural wellness supplements.
At Teami, we’re dedicated to helping people everywhere feel good from the inside out!
We believe that inner wellness starts with giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. Our entire inner wellness range is designed with your health in mind, because getting your daily dose of antioxidant-rich green supplements is a great way to start the day.

Our range of natural supplements is loaded with probiotic goodness to maximise your gut health. With our natural supplement range, you’ll experience the endless benefits a healthy gut provides, including better digestive health, lower cholesterol and improved immune function. Teami natural supplements recharge your body by helping you to reach your daily intake of veggies.

Look after your body and support your muscle growth with our plant-based vegan protein shake. We’ll also help you fuel yourself for the day with our incredibly-healthy green superfood range.

When it comes to inner wellness, you can trust our all-natural green supplements. By only using high-quality vegan ingredients, we’re making sure you feel your best without harming the planet.

Take charge of your inner health and wellness with our truly invigorating natural supplements range. 

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