YES! All of our wellness powders are 100% free of artificial ingredients, chemicals, and additives!

Only our Greens Superfood Powder has Matcha in it which contains all-natural, plant based caffeine! The rest of our wellness powders are caffeine-free!

Our Wellness Powders do not contain any harmful ingredients and should be totally safe, but we always recommend checking with your doctor first to make sure it is the best for you and your baby!


• Get a drink of your choice to mix your wellness powder with. Some of our favorites are plant-based milk, juice, or smoothies!

• Mix one scoop of your wellness powder into your drink and mix! And now you are ready to enjoy your wellness drink!

Note: Restore must be mixed with hot water only!

Yes, all our products are 100% natural and the colour comes natural sources. Because it is all natural and not chemically dyed or full of preservatives it is normal for the colour to change a little bit! Don’t worry though, it is still 100% safe to use and does not affect the quality of the product!


We sure do! We are all about using only clean, natural ingredients that we trust to put on our own skin. We blend natural herbs, clays, salts, sugars, oils and butters to make our tea infused skincare products perfect for you. :)

Our tea infused skincare products are 100% Natural and are:

- Paraben Free

- Sulfate Free

- Alcohol Free

- Cruelty Free

- Gluten Free

- Propylene Glycol Free

Great question! You apply skincare products from thin to thick! Here is how it goes:

1. Cleanser/Exfoliator

2. Toner

3. Serum

4. Moisturiser

5. Facial Oil

Yes! We created our skincare to be effective and beneficial for all skin types! Normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin!

By using natural and non abrasive ingredients we are able to create products that truly fit for every skin type!


Yes! All of our tea blends are 100% all-natural and contain no artificial additives or flavours!

Yes, most of the plants used in our Tea Blends contain a small amount of all-natural plant based caffeine.

We will be adding new blends soon that are caffeine free though!

Congratulations mumma!

When you are pregnant or breastfeeding your body is going through some major changes and no two women are the same.

Our Skinny Tea is considered safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, but you should always consult with your doctor regarding the ingredients to ensure it is approved for you.

We do not recommend drinking the Colon Cleanse blend while pregnant or nursing. It is designed to flush out toxins from the body and while you are pregnant or nursing you want your body to keep all of the nutrients, so detoxing is a no-go.

You can do our 30 Day Detox Program as often as you feel like your body needs! We recommend taking at least a 7 day break in between detoxing to rest your body.


It’s super simple! Here's a quick how-to on how to use it!

1. Remove the lid + strainer, then add your tea into your tumbler

2. Add hot water

3. Add strainer + lid to close

4. Pop your lid open to let steam out and prevent pressure build up!

Then your Teami Tumbler is ready to take on the go!

It’s super easy! Detach the metal strainer from the silicon part, add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to the metal strainer, reattach it to the silicon piece, and put it in a mug of hot water! And now you have a perfect cup of loose-leaf tea!

We recommend hand washing your Teami Accessories in order to keep them looking like new!

You asked, we answered! Check out all the MIXit FAQ's here!


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Packages outside of Australia can take between 2-4 business days to arrive at the international carrier. It may then take an additional 7-10 business days to be delivered, depending on your country.

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• The product must be received by Teami within 30 days of purchase; no returns will be accepted after this time period

• The original purchaser must provide the receipt or invoice as received when the order was placed directly from Teami Down Under

• The product must be unopened and unused.

• If the product is damaged or an item is missing, a picture of the product at the time of delivery must be provided.

For more details check our full Refund Policy here.

Teami Down Under does not promise or guarantee any specific result or effect from using our products. Teami Down Under shall be obligated to ensure the product is safe and meets the satisfactory conditions up until the point of delivery. Dissatisfaction with the results of the product will not be grounds for a refund.

We would, however, love to help you achieve the best results from your Teami products! If you have any questions regarding your products or lifestyle please contact our Customer Service team through our Contact Form, we would love to help!

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